About UniVoIP

Since 2005, UniVoIP has been a pioneering leader in Cloud Communications and VoIP technology. Headquartered in El Segundo, California – we have helped thousands of clients nationwide to shed intricate on-premise infrastructure in exchange for Cloud-hosted services. Opening the way for offices to become flexible, mobile and efficient in today’s ever evolving work environment.

UniVoIP has chosen to make nonprofit organizations a primary focus due its tremendous success in helping hundreds of organizations achieve their missions. As all have made clear through their success stories, UniVoIP cares and helps nonprofits drive positive change in the world while reducing operational costs, increasing productivity, and enhancing collaboration in their fundraising and donor retention.

Success Stories

LA Team Mentoring Connects With the Community
UniVoIP Is highly recommended to AIA|LA as a scalable, reliable and affordable solution for a Nonprofit Organization
Hire Heroes USA Steers Clear of Comcast's High Prices and Chooses UniVoIP's All-Inclusive Features for One Low Monthly Rate
The Center For Restorative Justice Works Leverages Unified Communications to Empower the Organization's Mission

Nonprofit Communication Assistance Program

UniVoIP understands the difficulties and challenges nonprofit organizations face, and we recognize the potential for our solutions to make a difference in not only the way nonprofit organizations operate, but in the way they interact with donors, members and volunteers.

UniVoIP aims to provide solutions that enhance the overall communication environment between donors, members, volunteers and staff as well as advance the specific cause of each nonprofit.

UniVoIP has years of experience supporting nonprofits with cloud-based solutions, replacing old and feature-limited telephone systems while leveraging communication channels to support various outreach programs.

Through the Nonprofit Communication Assistance Program, UniVoIP simplifies and enhances communication channels amongst donors, members, volunteers, staff and partners to advance the specific cause of each Nonprofit without breaking the organization’s budget. UniVoIP’s customers share their success stories with regards to why they chose UniVoIP as their preferred cloud and unified communications vendor.