A Remarkable Nonprofit Goes Green, Saves Money and Increases Mobility

How UniVoIP Helps Blog Series: The Center for Restorative Justice Works Increases Collaboration and Mobility for their Organization

WELCOME! This blog post is part of our “How UniVoIP Helps” blog series, which highlights the success stories of powerful nonprofits creating the greatest difference in the world with the use of technology.

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The Center For Restorative Justice Works Leverages Unified Communications to Empower the Organization’s Mission

Restoring Families Separated by the Criminal Justice System

The Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) unites children, families and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system. CRJW calls the community to set aside pre-judgments about women and men in prison in order to work together to accompany families torn apart by the crime and the criminal justice system; create awareness about the negative impacts of incarceration on children and families; and advocate for programs and policies that restore relationships.

CRJW Moves Away From AT&T to Increase Collaboration

Originally with AT&T, The Center for Restorative Justice Works was made aware that unifying their communications with UniVoIP would allow their organization to reduce monthly expenditures while offering the simplicity of managing their fax, e-mail, voice mails, IM and conferencing all with one service provider. Since CRJW has leveraged the Cloud with UniVoIP, they have boosted communication with their community and increased staff morale, which has resulted in increased productivity.

CRJW Leverages Outreach Program With UniVoIP’s Mobility Solution

Prior to leveraging UniVoIP’s cloud-based system, the organization’s biggest challenge was that employees were hardly in the office as they were mostly out on the field. Because of this, CRJW employees were always missing important calls and backed up with messages upon returning to their desk. Now with UniVoIP’s advanced features such as “mobile twinning”, the employees twin their cell phones to ring simultaneously with their desk phones – alleviating the stress of employee absence at the office.

“Unifying communications has enabled us to stay organized and it’s no longer an issue that our employees are out in the field more often than not. Even when our employees are out of the office, we are still able to maintain efficient communication at all times.” – Marisol Martin, CRJW

CRJW Gains Flexibility And Goes “Green”

With UniVoIP’s Cloud Based Solution With CRJW utilizing many volunteers each day, the organization leverages UniVoIP’s “hot desking” feature regularly. Every individual is given a pin code to access any phone in the office; allowing volunteers to sit at any desk available and use their pin code to access their voice mail and/or personal extension to modify settings as needed. Additionally, by switching to unified communications, CRJW has eliminated their fax machine from the office by leveraging UniFax – sending/receiving fax via e-mail. They are one step closer to eliminating their carbon footprint and promoting green living.