How UniVoIP Helps Blog Series: LA Team Mentoring Streamlines Their Processes and Connects More with The Community

WELCOME! This blog post is part of our “How UniVoIP Helps” blog series, which highlights the success stories of powerful nonprofits creating the greatest difference in the world with the use of technology.

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LA Team Mentoring Connects With the Community 

“UniVoIP’s phone system allowed us to streamline our internal processes and leverage efficiency while making better use of our staff’s time. We had no idea how much UniVoIP’s communication solution could improve our reach within the community and make our staff more accessible to our constituents in order to handle priorities and other crucial needs.” – Natalie Simons | LA Team Mentoring

Guiding Students Growing up in Challenging Urban Environments 

Los Angeles Team Mentoring (LATM) began its TeamWorks program in 1992 in response to the civil unrest that plagued the city. This creative new approach – team-based mentoring – was developed to combat the overwhelming negative challenges facing young people in LA’s inner-city middle schools. LATM’s innovative model was also the answer to expanding their reach to mentor greater numbers of deserving youth with a limited number of available adult volunteers.

LATM and UniVoIP Partner to Bring the Community Together 

As an organization that requires constant communication with the community and deals with critical, time-sensitive issues, LATM needed to partner with a telecommunications solution that offered them secure, high-quality 24/7 connectivity through multiple channels (fax, email, phone, etc.). LATM had been experiencing problems maintaining communications with their students, parents, volunteers and mentors. After realizing the potential connectivity, mobility and scalability of UniVoIP’s cloud-based solution, LATM knew that UniVoIP was the best option — which was confirmed by the level of professionalism they were provided throughout the process of getting set up. By partnering with UniVoIP, LATM dramatically improved their ability to bring the community together.

A Reliable VoIP Communication System Makes a Daily Impact 

UniVoIP has made a huge impact and lifted LATM’s mission while helping them optimize contributions from donors and supporters. LATM found that the reliability of their new phones, unlimited warranty on hardware, 24/7 support team, plus high-level security and confidentiality provided them with tremendous peace of mind and confidence to move forward with their programs. This system upgrade streamlined internal communications and collaboration, too. “We are very happy with UniVoIP. They have really made it possible for us to get connected with our community, enhance our communications and simplify our daily outreach. Our phone system is the most important aspect of keeping our organization productive while staying in constant communication with everyone and every institution keeping us moving in the right direction towards fulfilling our mission.”- Natalie Simons, LA Team Mentoring

LATM Eliminates Fax Machines and Reduces Their Carbon Footprint 

After becoming accustomed to UniVoIP’s cloud-based solution and realizing how much it has contributed to their success, LATM added UniFax to their service. The UniFax feature made it possible for LATM to eliminate their antiquated fax machines, organize incoming faxes, and send necessary correspondence from their email addresses. Not only has UniFax simplified their processes, but has also helped further LATM to reduce their carbon footprint.