How UniVoIP Helps Blog Series: New Directions for Women Upgrades Their Phone System to the Cloud and Propels Their Mission

WELCOME! This blog post is part of our “How UniVoIP Helps” blog series, which highlights the success stories of powerful nonprofits creating the greatest difference in the world with the use of technology.

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New Directions for Women Leverages UniVoIP’s Solution to Manage a Large Volume of Calls Every Day

Saving and Transforming the Lives of Women with Substance Abuse Issues

New Directions for Women (NDFW) is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center as well as a detox treatment provider, offering services for women of all ages, pregnant women in any trimester and women with children up to 13 years old. Their mission is to save the lives of women affected by alcoholism, drug addictions and related issues.

NDFW Requires a Phone System to Handle a Large Volume of Calls

As NDFW grew and expanded, the organization began to receive hundreds of calls every month that needed immediate attention. Prior to adopting UniVoIP’s cloud communication solution, the organization could not handle the constant influx of calls coming in and struggled to meet the needs of their community. After implementing the robust cloud-based solution, the organization now hosts an “intake line” in which women battling with substance abuse, as well as in cases of emergency, call in to the facility for help. Every caller is met with immediate and undivided attention to ensure that the organization can assist every woman in need of assistance.

Leveraging Advanced Features to Ensure that Every Call is Answered

By implementing cloud communications, NDFW is able to leverage remarkable features that make their job easier. With women calling in from all over the country needing assistance, while also managing the treatment and rehabilitation of the women currently sheltered at the facility, the employees of NDFW are always on the go. By activating mobile twinning, employees are able to receive calls made to their office phone on their cellphone from anywhere and at any time. Additionally, features such as call forwarding, auto-attendant and hot-desking make it possible for every call to reach someone within the organization to promise immediate assistance, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Teaming Up with UniVoIP to Host a Successful Telethon

Like most nonprofit organizations, NDFW survives off of the generosity of their supporters and donors. With UniVoIP’s astounding ability to handle a large volume of calls, the organization is able to host telethons in which thousands of dollars are raised to support their mission.

“We raised over $18,000 in funds from alumni, family, friends and donors just by utilizing our phone system with UniVoIP during our telethon last year. The system was able to direct each call with ease and met our callers with the immediate attention they deserved. It was really important that with such a small staff, our phone system could help manage all of the calls going in and out as our programs and patients depend on events like that.” – Tania Bhattacharyya, New Directions for Women.