E-Rate Phone Services Offered To Qualified Educational Institutions

The ability to use existing data networks to place voice calls and transport voice traffic over the data network is growing in importance for Schools and Libraries, enabling schools to make cloud-based voice services a critical part of their technology infrastructure. School administrators and technology leaders are discovering how hosted VoIP/UC communication lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) while improving productivity and security for schools.

UniVoIP has assembled years of experience deploying Cloud based communication solution and is addressing school and library challenges, offering an affordable and cost effective way to:

  • E-RATE eligible. Replace your legacy telephone systems, which are a burden to maintain, and eliminate costly local, long distance and service charges. UniVoIP services are subject to Priority One E- Rate funding.
  • Eliminate capital expense. UniVoIP is offering turnkey services providing predictable and economical flat-rate monthly fees for Administration staff and Teachers. Address the need to easily and quickly scale on demand as requirements increase or decrease.
  • Extend your current investment. UniVoIP services are leveraging your current data network and do not require proprietary nor specific data infrastructure. We are also offering private/dedicated connection to our Cloud, eliminating Voice traffic going to Interne
  • Expand communications. Free to move phone anywhere that has Internet access. Assign any phone to be your extension (hot-desking).
  • Achieve 24 x 7 x 365 peace-of-mind and simplify support. UniVoIP’s solution comes with automated revisions and upgrades without paying for maintenance. Reduce the IT support burden as the platform management responsibility shifts to UniVoIP. Improve response time and user-level support with easy web based Moves, Adds and Changes (MACS) portal. UniVoIP is also offering project management, on-site installation and training.
  • Improve functionalities and productivity. Leverage updated hosted voice communication services such as Voice-mail-to- Email, Cell phone integration and more.