Nonprofit Multi-Channel Contact Center

Achieve Excellence in Constituent ExperienceAs a leading provider of nonprofit call center services, designed specifically to meet the needs of the nonprofit industry, we pride ourselves on our mission to partner with your organization. We relish in the thought that we help our nonprofit customers help others in need. UniVoIP has created an innovative and customizable contact center solution that maximizes donor contact in order to increase donor contributions.

Whether you want to drive inbound/outbound call center campaigns to raise funding or simply have a few people answering calls, UniVoIP’s Contact Center (CC) solution can be customized to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Expect to see immediate benefits from our CC solution such as:

  • Maximize every donor contact as an opportunity to elicit loyalty to the organization and to raise donor contributions through motivated and skilled team members.
  • Integrate customer advocate support tools to significantly reduce the cost per transaction.
  • Retain and grow existing donors, members and volunteers using analytics to better target messaging and increase individual donation wallet share.
  • Provide multi-channel accessibility via phone, email, web and live chat, SMS and Social Media. Increase donor satisfaction by offering flexibility in how they communicate with you.
  • Leverage easy-to-use call recording in support of regulatory compliance and quality monitoring requirements
  • Contact center queues and agents monitoring, reporting, forecasting, recording and agent productivity

Meet Your New Volunteer: Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)

We are all familiar with that lovely voice telling us to “Press 1 for Events”, but many high-level executives and don’t understand the value that this simple tool will bring to their organizations. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables identification, segmentation and routing of callers to the most appropriate agent within your team. It is a simple and effective and will significantly reduce costs and increase efficiency within any company.

Make it your best friend. Improve your image.

  • Collect information about your callers
  • Automate support
  • Prioritize calls based on value
  • Route the callers to the right department
  • Thrive with high call volumes
  • Ability to personalized IVR message and prompts

IVR does it all.
Interactive voice response (IVR) solutions use pre-recorded voice prompts and menus to present information and options to callers, and touch-tone telephone keypad entry to gather responses. Our IVR solution also enables input and responses to be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition and provide information about donors and members accounts from any telephone. Finally, IVR is increasingly used to place outbound calls to deliver or gather information for appointments, fundraising events, and other time critical events and activities.