A True Cloud-Based Unified Communication Solution

Increase collaboration, improve productivity and empower mobility, with a cloud-based unified communication solution that will help you connect with constituents, retain donors and drive strong outreach programs.

  • Online Administration allowing users to configure their phones and administrators to fully manage the company’s phone system while monitoring their account activity in real time.
  • Private DID (number) with unlimited US calling.
  • Mobile Twinning allowing users to have all calls to their extension ring simultaneously on an external phone such as their cell phone. Upon answering, the users have the ability to switch to their desktop phone without having to transfer the call.
  • Call Display and Callers list configured per the user preferences.
  • Call Coverage Specifying where unanswered calls should be directed such as voicemail, auto attendant, or another phone number.
  • Post-Call duration time provides the call duration to the call history display.
  • My Calls reports on user inbound and outbound call history in a tabular format from the user portal.
  • 8-ways conference Call allowing up to 8 people to share a conversation over the phone (conference).
  • Hot Desking allowing users to use any phones while accessing their custom phone settings associated to their specific login.
  • All-Page and Page Groups where users can page all phones at the site or a specific groups that are in an idle state using a programmed memory key.