OUR HOUSE Adopts UniVoIP’s Scalable Phone Solution to Connect Office Locations and Improve Communication for Employees


Grief Support for The Local Community Experiencing Loss

OUR HOUSE grief support groups create a warm environment of safety and comfort in which children, teens, and adults find the support they need from others who have also experienced the death of someone close. Led by highly trained volunteers, groups are age and relationship specific. OUR HOUSE also offers grief support groups in local schools, helping grieving children in low-income, underserved areas of Los Angeles County. In 2014, OUR HOUSE won an Emmy for their documentary, “One Last Hug” shown on HBO which features Camp Aaron, a bereavement camp for children coping with grief.

UniVoIP Delivers Scalability and Simplifies Billing

With the exponential success of OUR HOUSE and their nationally recognized programs, the organization of 24 full-time employees, began to expand and is now operating 3 locations. With the expansion and employees traveling between the 3 different sites, sustained communication became an issue. Utilizing a traditional phone system, the organization was forced to operate under 3 separate vendors; Birch, AT&T and Verizon. OUR HOUSE quickly realized that this was not an efficient way of communicating and was burdened by increasingly high monthly service bills. That is when the organization began to understand the benefits of switching to a cloud-based phone system that could manage all 3 sites with one low monthly payment to one vendor rather than 3. It was clear that switching to UniVoIP was the best phone solution to meet their needs, and all location logistics are now managed through one Web-portal.

UniVoIP Unifies Communication for 3 Sites, In-Office and Mobile Employees

After thorough research and many conversations with several service providers, OUR HOUSE put their trust in UniVoIP and their account executive, Poch Verzosa. From the beginning, the organization’s goal was to unify communication for their locations and connect their employees from anywhere, at any time. Now with their favorite features such as voicemail-to-email, conference calling, loud speaker capabilities and mobile twinning, the 3 locations have become one unified, connected and efficient operation. Furthermore, OUR HOUSE has reduced their monthly communication expenses by more than 50%, allowing them to put more money towards fulfilling their mission.

After thoroughly researching my options and holding conversations with different providers, I felt most comfortable with Poch who was extremely resourceful, responsive, trustworthy and honest. Communicating with UniVoIP was easy and I knew they were going to deliver above expectations. -Joclyn Goss, OUR HOUSE