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As part of our mission to provide nonprofit organizations with the necessary tools for success, growth and improved fundraising efforts, we want to bring awareness to upcoming events in California that your organization should be at. Additionally, we want to see you there and share your organization’s participation at events, fundraisers and workshops on our social media platforms as a way to continue to grow our community of connected nonprofits. Please connect with us on our LinkedIn Nonprofit Showcase page so that we can share your story.


Your list of upcoming nonprofit events:

1. Nonprofit Management Bootcamp – Los Angeles, CA – July 28th, 2015

“We’ll cover working with boards, fund development, financial management, strategic thinking and operations. Designed for those newer to or considering a nonprofit management role, this hands-on crash course will give you an overview of the key competencies of a nonprofit manager.”

2. Marketing For Fundraising –  Lost Angeles, CA – August 13th, 2015

“Development is a key sales function in any non-profit organization. In this course you will learn how a marketing mindset can make your job easier and your development efforts more successful. We’ll look at the role of marketing vis-à-vis the development function, gain insights into development from the world of for-profit marketing, investigate branding and its role in development, and investigate the power of community to fundraising success.”

3. StrongerTogether Nonprofit Conference 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – August 24th, 2015

“What ​can ​we ​accomplish ​for ​our ​causes ​and ​communities ​when ​we ​come ​together ​as ​nonprofit ​leaders? ​A ​whole ​lot ​of ​good. ​Three ​strong ​partners ​are ​working ​together ​on ​the ​second ​annual ​nonprofit ​conference ​for ​California ​with ​leading ​edge ​content ​and ​exceptional ​presenters ​in ​leadership, ​strategy, ​advocacy, ​and ​risk ​management.”

4. Building a Fund Development Culture – Los Angeles, CA –  September 10th, 2015

“Learn to create an environment where development staff, the executive director, board, staff and others are effective partners in planning and securing the financial support needed to fulfill their missions. Designed for Executive Directors, Board Members, Development Directors, Development staff, and Senior Managers, this session will help you think about and plan how to apply these concepts and strategies in your own organizations.”

5. Grants Basics Workshop with Shelly Mitchel – Bayside, CA – September 14th, 2015

“This one day workshop will primarily address grants for nonprofits, community groups, agencies, schools, faith based organizations, or local government. It does not address grant funding for individuals or for-profit businesses. The training is recommended for individuals with little or no grant writing experience”

6. Starting and Sustaining a New Nonprofit – Los Angeles, CA – September 30th, 2015

“This introductory course will cover both legal and programmatic fundamentals, including best practices for designing successful programs, recruiting an effective board, developing a sustainable fundraising plan, forming a California nonprofit corporation and applying for tax exemption, and complying with ongoing tax and legal requirements. ”

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