Non-Profit Organizations Must Be Able to Connect with Supporters in Every Way

PROGRESS AND EFFICIENCY.  As a non-profit organization, the goal is to move towards a better quality of life, a better and cleaner world, a safer environment and encouraging a well-informed society. With ever-growing responsibilities placed on non-profits, it’s more important than ever that the public is communicated to on every level. Where there is the potential for progress, there is potential for change and movement in the right direction.

The world is changing and non-profits must be nimble, mobile and have up to date channels of reliable communication. Whether it’s fund-raising, speaking with members or taking a crisis call, phones are the heart of what makes an organization tick.

However, phones are only the beginning. Unifying Communications with unlimited calling and over 50 advanced phone system features like auto attendant, music on hold, call groups, mobile twinning, voice-mail-to-email, and a plethora of other features is the perfect environment for progress.

In other words, by unifying communications and expanding outreach with a more reliable and efficient communications system, non-profit organizations will realize progress more rapidly. No matter where volunteers and staff are located, as long as there is internet connection, the system can be utilized. This makes every moment an opportunity to gain more support and increase fundraising. No time is wasted, no time is lost, no supporter is forgotten.

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