Donor Communication Automation is the Secret Behind the Most Successful Fundraising Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges nonprofits face is managing donor communication and the more donors a nonprofit has, the harder it is to communicate effectively. Also to mention, the bigger the nonprofit, the more donors expect from their communication with that organization – hence, the emergence in multiple streams of communication just to accommodate donor’s requests. Things get tough, but nonprofits must be able to adapt.

There has been a seismic shift in how donors give and more than ever, they are expecting to be shown the love and attention they deserve. Long gone are the days where communication ends at “making the ask”. Follow through! It’s a must. Especially if you want to retain donors and encourage that monthly gift, or annual major gift.

Following through is a lot to ask! I have limited budget, limited staff and not a lot of time“, you say? Well, this is where automation comes in…

Automating Donor Communication the Effective Way

Donor outreach automation serves as a powerful tool set that provides nonprofits with the ability to automate and improve the way they communicate with donors and constituents. An example of powerful donor communication automation software would be DonorConnect, powered by UniVoIP’s OfficeConnect VoIP solutions.

With DonorConnect, nonprofits can unify their communications, simplify their outreach, expand their fundraising programs and increase the probability that each form of communication results in some sort of support or donation.

Here is how DonorConnect helps nonprofits engage, nurture and retain support…

Event Reminders. No More, No-Shows: SMS, email and voice notifications
  • Interactive, 2-way messaging to receive RSVPs to major fundraising galas or volunteer events
  • Reduced call volume and hold time so that each donor and supporter feels acknowledged and appreciated
  • Customized messages and delivery intervals that simplifies “making the ask” to the right donors at the right time
Bulk Messaging: SMS, email and voice notifications
  • Time block for weather closings and re-arranging schedules to make sure every volunteer is in the loop
  • Bulk messaging for marketing, fundraising and newsletters so that constituents are always engaged
Automated Surveys or Seasons Greetings: SMS and email
  • Automated birthday greetings to make every donor feel special on their special day
  • Automated post-event surveys to get valuable feedback from donors to help tailor future events to meet their needs
  • Customize questions and delivery intervals to gather critical insight on your donor’s behaviors, requests, and expectations
Payment and/or Donation Notifications: SMS and Email
  • Custom intervals and triggers so that each donor has a unique giving experience
  • Eliminate paper statements – go green!
  • Leverage mobile payments to accommodate those millennial donors that prefer text message
  • Send donors to website for online payments for an easy and quick donation
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